RC Pilot Training Program

Learn To Fly at Henderson RC Flying Club!!

 As a student pilot, when you join Henderson RC Flying Club, you get:
  • "hands on" flight training on a buddy box system*
  • free training flights at Henderson Field
  • tips and tricks from our most experienced pilots
  • help on engine tuning and maintenance
*A.M.A. Membership is required to join HRCFC, but you can receive flight training prior to joining.

Free RC Flight Simulator

For those of you who don't want to spend the money on a RC Flight simulator, there is one available for free called FMS (Flying Model Simulator).  It is not quite as nice as those currently on the market, but it aint bad.  You can use your radio if you purchase a cable (just do a google search for FMS usb cable and you will find many sites that have them for sale).  The program comes with four or five different flying sites and about twenty planes, but there are a number of websites where FMS planes and flying sites can be downloaded. 
Wilkommen auf R/C (you must create a free membership, but it's worth it because there are literally hundreds of planes and flying sites for free download)
When you download aircraft, they come in a zip file which must be unzipped into the C:\Program Files\FMS\Model directory.  Same with flying sites, you must unzip them into the C:\Program Files\FMS\Landscape directory.
Some planes actually look and feel very realistic, but some fly like they are on a rail, you just have to look around to find the ones you like.