How To Join



If you would like to join Henderson RC Flying Club, all you have to do is come to Henderson Field and inquire with any club member who is there, and they will point you to a club officer who can get you signed up.  The field is open seven days a week for flying, but most folks usually fly on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 


  • All club members must have valid A.M.A Membership.
  • Student pilots must be certified to fly solo by one of the club instructors.
  • New A.M.A members can fly at Henderson Field up to three times prior to joining the club.
  • New members must fill out a new membership application.  Click here to download a membership application form.
  • Annual membership dues can be paid directly to any club officer at the field.


Annual Dues

  • Full Membership - January 1st thru December 31st - $100
  • Late - July 1st thru December 31st - $50
  • Late - October 1st thru December 31st - $30
  • Junior - Under 18 years - sponsored by a full member $10
  • DOD Temporary - Military or DOD civilian on duty in central Arkansas $15 (per 90 day period)
  • Associate - supportive membership only (no flying or voting privleges) $10